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KIRJUTAJA: Michael Moorcock
ISBN: 4741231000969
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See on lugu Elricust, enne kui teda hakati nimetama Naisetapjaks, enne kui lõplikult langes Melnibone impeerium. See on lugu võitlusest oma nõo Yyrkooniga ja armastusest nõo Cymorili vastu, enne kui see võitlus ja armastus süütasid röövlitest rüüstatud Uneleva Linna Imrryri. See on lugu kahest mustast mõõgast, Tormitoojast ja Leinamõõgast, kuidas nad leiti ja mis osa nad mängisid Elricu ja Melnibone saatuses - ja see saatus pidi muutma suuremat saatust, maailma enda oma.

...lf-century ... Elric of Melniboné is a requisite title in the hard fantasy canon, a book no fantasy fan should leave unread ... Elric of Melniboné - IMDb ... . Author Michael Moorcock, already a major player in science fiction, cemented his position in the fantasy pantheon with the five-book Elric saga, of which Elric of Melniboné is the first installment. Melniboné, (pronounced mel-NIH-bo-nay), also known as the The Dragon Isle and The Bright Empire, is an island nation ruled by a 10,000 year old dynasty of emperors. Melniboné is populated by the Melnibonéans, elfin non-humans who worship Chaos. Melniboné's domination of the world is ... Enter ELRIC of Melniboné - Razör vs. Comics - YouTube ... . Melniboné is populated by the Melnibonéans, elfin non-humans who worship Chaos. Melniboné's domination of the world is a result of their cunning, cruelty, their potent sorcery and their alliance with the Dragons. Elric of ... Between 1961 and 1963 the first stories of Elric of Melnibone appeared. The convention-stifled world of heroic fantasy (or swords & sorcery fiction, as it was popularly called) was turned on its ear. Elric de Melniboné é um personagem protagonista de uma série de literatura de fantasia criada pelo escritor britânico Michael Moorcock.. Elric é um albino de saúde débil, introspectivo e atormentado, mas mesmo assim o imperador do reino ancestral de Melniboné, uma superpotência em declínio, e servo dos Senhores do Caos, à semelhança dos seus antepassados. Created by Michael Moorcock. Elric, emperor of Melniboné, returns to the dreaming city of Imrryr where he plans to slay his cousin, Yyrkoon, and reclaim his love Cymoril with a fleet of mercenary ships, the black magic, and his soul-devouring sword Stormbringer. Elric de Melniboné est un personnage de fiction inventé par l'écrivain anglais Michael Moorcock.Il est le héros du cycle d'Elric, écrit entre 1961 et 1972.. Inspiré par Zenith l'Albinos, le méchant de la série Sexton Blake, Elric est un albinos à la santé défaillante, ce qui l'oblige à consommer de nombreux remèdes jusqu'à ce qu'il trouve Stormbringer, une épée qui, en buvant ... Elric Chronological Order Series. 12 primary works • 12 total works. The Michael Moorcock Collection is the definitive library of acclaimed author Michael Moorcock's SF & fantasy, including the entirety of his Eternal Champion work. ... Elric of Melnibone and Other Stories Elric: ... Elric of Melniboné is a Melnibonéan, and as such, he is not exactly human. He was born with albinism, making his flesh pale, his hair white, and his eyes a deep crimson. He is very tall, slender to the point of gauntness, yet elegantly muscled. Elric is normally attired in traditional Melnibonéan armor with a signature dragon helm. When not in armor, Elric favors all-black garb, but has ... Elric de Melniboné, antihéroe de una serie de libros de Espada y brujería, es un personaje ficticio creado por Michael Moorcock.Este albino cuyo nombre completo es Elric VIII, 428º Emperador de Melniboné es una encarnación del Campeón Eterno. Su primera aparición fue en el relato The Dreaming City publicado en la revista pulp Science Fantasy en junio de 1961; pero su primera aparición ... Elric of Melnibone is an anti-hero and the last emperor of a civilization called Melnibone. He is an accomplished sorcerer, able to summon powerful aliens. The Elric Saga began in 1961 with the short story The Stealer of Souls. The first full-length novel in the series is 1972's Elric of Melnibone. The series is currently ongoing. ↑Pronounced "mel-nib-on-ay" ↑ "Mike's Recommended Reading List". by Michael Moorcock ↑ Librarything on Elric of Melnibone ↑ Michael Moorocok, "Aspects of Fantasy" in Darrell Schweitzer, ed. Expl...