Chief Petitioners

Bonny Bettman McCornackBonny McCornack

Bonny previously  served as a Eugene City Councilor from 2000 through 2009 and spent years as a city volunteer and Neighborhood Association Leader. She is a retired Registered Nurse. and mom to two grown children and two ridiculously adorable grandchildren.

During her tenure as an elected official Bonny served on many Eugene, and multi-jurisdictional boards and committees including: Police Commission, Human Rights Commission, Human Services Commission, Council Committee on Homelessness and Youth, Metropolitan Policy Committee, Metropolitan Wastewater Commission, Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Budget Committee, Council sub-committee on Street Maintenance, and the Rates Advisory Committee reviewing Systems Development Charges. She was formerly a founding member of Citizensfor Public Accountability and served as treasurer for Friends of Eugene.

In addition to Council obligations, Bonny led, and prevailed in a number of campaigns in addition to her 2 campaigns for office. These included: two Charter Amendment campaigns for the Police Auditor and Civilian Review Board; the campaign against the taxpayer subsidized Lifestylemall for the downtown Urban Renewal District or DTURD. After leaving office she organized and helped lead the campaign against the regressive and duplicitous City Service Fee.

In retirement Bonny enjoys: yoga, gardening, cooking, family & friends, and generally bemoaning the ever increasing concentration of power and money into a fewer and fewer hands. She writes and speaks about local government’slack of transparency and accountability—a situation she would like to see rectified by an organized, informed, effective local grassroots movement.

David MonkDavid Monk

Eugene Weekly “Happening People” article, March 3, 2017 David served as Executive Director of Beyond Toxics from 2001-2004 and recently stepped down as Board President. He was appointed by the Eugene City Council to the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency board in 2007 and served two 3-year terms. He has a 20 year history of working with local progressive groups on issues from land use and social justice to child care and natural burial. From the beginning of his involvement in the politics of our city and state he has worked for transparency in government decision making and accountability for the use of public resources.

George Browngeorge brown

George Brown was elected to City Council twice and served on the Budget Committee, the Human Rights Commission, the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission, the McKenzie Watershed Council and the Mayor’s homelessness committee. He helped to: save the Civic Stadium property for public enjoyment; develop a no-toxic spray policy for city parks; create the country’s best urban animal-keeping ordinance, and develop safe demolition protocols. During his time on Council, he became aware of the need for more transparency and accountability in city government.